Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mentor Dream

I failed to report in my earlier post that I dreamed of my mentor last night. Again, he was calling on a cell phone. So, I didn't see him in the dream. He told me that after my next initiation, "There would be no going back." There was great import in what he was saying but frankly, I don't get it. That is okay. I will someday. The dream ended with some maniac shooting a hand gun outside of the house. He was a blond man but very earthy. I told an old black woman who was with us to get on the ground. Then I screamed at her to do so. I then rolled to her and lay protectively around her to shield her from any bullets. A woman, who wasn't My Gal, but looked slightly like her was screaming at the guy through the door telling him he could not come in.

Oddly, as soon as the dream ended I woke up and remembered that I'd had that conversation with my mentor in a dream at least once before.

The man with the gun may have represented my nephesch. As for my mentor, I have no idea of that is him or my HGA in disguise.

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