Saturday, August 23, 2008


Today, I had lunch with a friend who, for very good reason, is on top of the world. I am very happy for him. During that conversation, he said someone finds me intimidating because I radiate 'superiority'. Later, in reference to Leo's in general, he said we have a tendency to think we are better than others.

He is right. Leo's are better than others. Let us examine why this is so.

Seriously, no.

I remember telling my mentor many months ago that soon I would have to deal with the issue of arrogance. He asked me why I thought that and I said it is because it has been mentioned in conversations with him and others. Also, I have become aware of the Universe working to clue me in. Therefore, I believe I am perceived as arrogant by many. I have observed that most people's perceptions of others are 90% projection, 10% insight and 50% the mutual resonance or dissonance their personalities. I have also perceived that right or wrong, when the universe keeps presenting a particular perception there is a reason. That reason is often unrelated to the ideas and convictions of those verbalizing their particular concerns. There is always a reason. There is always a lesson. As a magician, I am obligated to learn that lesson.

In his normal Socratic way, he asked me why people perceived me as arrogant. I told him that I honestly didn't know as I often defer to him or flat out say that I am just a student or that I simply don't know. These are not signs of arrogance. He agreed saying he's heard me say such things many times. Though, never once did he says I wasn't an arrogant bastard! I still know I am perceived in this way and there is a lesson afoot!

So now my friend says I radiate superiority. Is this a clue?

I certainly do not feel superior to the person who feels intimidated at all. I truly enjoy being around this person. Yet, the Universe is telling me something. How do I radiate this energy? From whence does it come? How can I turn it on and off to my advantage? None of these questions matter.

What matters is the underlying theme of arrogance. I have literally thrown myself into the Work to become a better human being as I was not happy with who I perceived myself to be. Again, not a trait of arrogance. Yet, I reject not the Universe's message merely because I do not understand.

Leos, much like Scorpios, can often see past the bullshit people use to hide who they are really are. Generally speaking, Leo's point out the bullshit; Scorpio's use insight to their advantage. Both often result in negative consequences. Neither is the proper method of using this ability. While I have been much more silent on such things than I ever have been, maybe the answer is lies here. Frankly, I don't think I have it right. Though, this still may be a useful line of thought.

Today, WitchDoctorJoe stated that it can be intimidating to do an honest on-line self-assessment. Which I thought this was going to be. As it turns out, I am simply and honestly saying that I don't know this lesson yet. I do not feel I am even on track to solve the puzzle. I merely recognize the lesson and have introduced the seed of thought to my psyche. We will see if it ever bears fruit.

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Rufus Opus said...

Yeah, you're an arrogant bastard. :-D

No, not really. You're reserved. I think that you don't let people in the way a water or earth sign does, and as a result you come across as guarded. If someone mistakes reticence to speak for arrogance, that's really their problem.

But maybe they're sensing that you don't speak because you don't want to be seen as "wrong," and so they assume you're so full of yourself that you won't hazard to speak on anything unless you already know you're right...

Which is also bullshit, imho. The blog disproves that theoryas well. I think anyone who thinks you're arrogant is just insecure. Maybe they think you radiate superiority because you really ARE superior to those who sense that radiation.

God knows I've never felt like you were superior to me. ;-)

WitchDoctorJoe said...

See I'm not the only one who thinks your reserved.

There is a huge difference between arrogance and confidence.

Confidence is trust, faith and security in yourself.

Arrogance is confidence at the expense of others. Self elevation.

You are not arrogant, you are very confident. Trust me, I know, I have a better view from way up here. Hahahahaha.

My Gal said...

Oh the slippery slope... I step carefully and WHEEEE...

Look for the patterns and figure out what misapplication of force is getting you where you don't want to be. Though I think that really the larger question is what miscommunication of needs and wants is out of step with the general society and then ... wait for it... "do I give a rats ass"? If you do care then ask yourself why it bothers you :)