Friday, August 22, 2008

Problem Solved

I couldn't sleep much last night due to my back. Actually, my back felt fine. The vicoden that made it fine had other opinions on my ability to sleep. So, I focused on that realization, that word, that line. And I asked my HGA what the command really meant. I had a flash of my mentor wearing something when he was very roughly at my stage of the work. By very roughly, I mean on the same ladder and maybe even the same section of ladder but at vastly different ends. Then I understood the nature of the talisman I am to make is to assist me through some transitory stages of the Work. Gotcha.

Today, my morning email at work contained a note from the boss. It appears she has wishes to promote me. The money will more than cover this expenditure. The extra time and effort at work will not be worth the money. Though, the long term career impact may be. Assuming I can hang tough.

I am stoked, not for the potential promotion that I have very mixed feelings about, but because I am much happier after my realization. I am more content. My Work has taken me to where I've always wanted to be and I've found that I've aimed too low. There is so much more to do. That excites me.

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