Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last night before bed, I released ties to someone. I use a method I call LSD, Look-See-Dissolve. I look for ties. If I see one, I will it to fade away. I find this to be a very gentle way of doing removing connections. When I left the coven so many years ago, the coven leader snapped the ties. Despite being a psychic brick back then, I could feel physical pain. I have no desire to do that to another. I was glad to be gently successful.

I also looked to the future to see how to perform my Saturn working. I had a vision of placing black candles in a triangle around my temple space and invoking the planetary angel. Frankly, this was an intimidating sight. That angle is huge, dark and scary.

This morning, I looked for more ties. I found a tie to my former religion of Alexandrian Wicca. That tie existed to the tradition, not the coven or a person. There is still a link my most recent ex girlfriend as well. Both were very strong. I went to dissolve them and was told not to. I then saw them after the Saturn working, they remained but the light was different. The links changed from  yellow to soft yellow light with large portions of black.

Ties exist to all sorts of people in my life, including my PC at work. More on that later.

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