Saturday, October 13, 2012

Report on Completed Saturn Rite

This ritual was undertaken to put me right with time. The very bad thing stuck my Nephesch (lowest soul) within that moment and the aftermath. I was stuck within a two month window of a decade past. I believe the ritual accomplished that. Yet it morphed to realms holy and terrifying.

The Ritual:

For this, I reverted back to ceremonial magick. Many of my new readers that are used to meditative Robert may not have read this sort of post.

I began with what is called the first degree opening. I know the higher degree openings but I really like this one. I am very comfortable with its simplicity. Basically, it involves a consecration of the space using fire and water and uses flowery language that is oh so powerful for me, "So therefore first, the priest that would govern the works of fire must first sprinkle with the lustral waters of the ever resounding sea." and "And when all the phantoms have vanished, thou shall hear the voice of fire, darting and flashing in the hidden depths of the universe. Hear thou the voice of fire!" Holy water and incense are used. This simple right is the most intrinsically holy of all that I have performed. Tonight was no exception.

I uttered a statement of intent to move my Nephesch back into proper time and to align all parts of me in the now.

My double cubed altar stood in the center of my space. Upon it, holy water, incense, a white candle, a ritual dagger, salt, ash and an incense burner. Three black candles formed an equal lateral triangle with the apex in the east. Upon lighting them, I saw the most curious effect. Each cast a black shadow upon the floor, very symbolic of the black sphere of Binah.

Standing at the apex of the triangle, I walked a straight line to the next point while vibrating the god-name of the sphere, YHVH Eloheem. I  repeated the process for the next two lines of the triangle. Returning to the east, I vibrated the Archangel name Tzaphqiel, again for all three legs as I moved along. At the east, I started again with the choir name, Aralim.

I stood behind the altar and saw the old woman upon the throne that is the image of Binah. My vision saw a sphere and within a red tetrahedron (image). This shape within a shape is a three-dimensional version of my glyph of the soul, a triangle within a circle. The circle is the personal universe of the individual. This is everything he can possibly encounter in this life. The triangle is the boundary. Virtue is living with in the triangle. Moving outside of it, but within the area of the circle, results in "lessons" the object of which is to teach virtue. Eastwood said it best, "a man must know his limitations," but those limitations are powerful. The tetrahedron is a symbol of the four forms of fire. In this image, it represents the creative power of the soul -- true virtue.

Moving back to the eastern most point, my soul took over. I began to speak. My words rolled forth to the ends of the universe in what can only be called an earth shaking stream of consciousness declaring that not only was I back in time but that my soul is ever-present, creative, holy, in line with G-d, and moving forth into the universe to live in exact accordance with Its purpose. The language was so all encompassing that fear never arrived. The speech, confident and forthright, echoed. The part of me typing this was not there. I cannot recall a single word but I do know this. The Robert personality in all his Leoness would never utter those words. From my personality, the declaration would be arrogant beyond measure. From my soul, it was a statement of fact.

I then called forth the powers of Saturn. I used the same method of walking the triangle using the angel name Cassiel, the sphere of intelligence Agiel and the spirit Zazel. A point of foreshadowing occurred three times. Each time I walked the triangle for these names my first step landed outside the line.

I then sat to the west of the altar facing east intending to communicate with Cassiel instead the image of Binah took over my body. I sat upon a throne. We had a chat which means She spoke and I listened. I was told or shown to write something on my bathroom mirror in crayon, "Write or it will be hell." I was told that there will be many trials and I will rail against them like I did last night but just like last night, I will pull through. I saw links break, light spill forth and felt the utter peace of silence. She told me that I have not crossed the abyss, to learn all I could of the planets and that each path on the tree of life was now open to me. Though, I'd be wise not to do the last four for a while. I was provided with gifts of magick, taught how to use them and was given an admonition to be silent about them all. She also told me that I was one that needed/liked to be shown that my magick has worked.

A demonstration should be forthcoming.

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