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Jason Miller, Yvonne Chireau and Soul Readings

Assisting others through Soul Readings often makes me feel like all of my struggles have been worth the pain of getting here. Yes, I've been treated poorly. Yes, I've treated others poorly. Yes, sometimes hell landed on me for no reason I could discern. Now, none of that matters. Between the vision of perfection that lives in my heart and aiding others through soul readings, healings and the Manifestation Meditation, I have found my home.

A big part of the soul reading part came from one Jason Miller in a very roundabout way. Many years ago, I bought a talisman from Jason. This was so long ago that I cannot remember the purpose. I do remember that it worked swimmingly. So, when he advertised a wealth talisman, I bought one. 

The string immediately broke when I tried to wear it as jewelry. I figured that I was rich enough, Jason didn't like me much (as I had recently been an ass) or I just wasn't in line with wealth magick. I shrugged, tossed the talisman on a side shelf in my temple space and, fifteen seconds later, forgot about it. 

My attitude has always been one that selling magick is wrong. Jason and others broke me of that train of thought as it applied to them. For myself, I wasn't going to move off that moralistic stand. Maybe it was my Hermetic training, "promise nothing except to heal and that gratis," but I think it was something more than that as my attitude about selling magick was there long before being exposed to those words. 

Getting back to the talisman, magick flows, like water, to the point of least resistance. In my life, there is not a lot of room to make more money. I have a 8 to 5 government job and I am lazy. I am not about to work nights/weekends for extra income. Even if I wasn't lazy, my back doesn't make me a reliable worker. There is no one in my family about to die and leave me money. My protection magick is strong enough an accidental injury that leaves me at least financially better off is unlikely. 

Despite obstacles formidable enough to block manifestation, Jason's magick pushed through and went the only place it could. It traveled into my magickal life, changed my attitudes about selling my skills and, maybe, was part of the inspirational epiphany that lead to both the Manifestation Meditation and Soul Readings. So, if you've benefited from my healing work or a soul reading, Jason Miller played a distant part in that. I am in no way diminishing my hard work. I am recognizing a piece of the whole. 

Last weekend, my friend, cheerleader and soul readee, Yvonne Chireau, who at one time wrote the most awesome class endorsement I ever received (below), attended the Crucible, a convention of magick users. There, she came across Jason Miller, bought a copy of his latest book and had him sign it for me. I was surprised to find this wonderful gift in my mailbox.

Here we are at all full circle. Jason's financial work is back in my lap. Given that last night I was instructed by the image of Binah to work with all the planets and Jason's book has lightening glyphs of Jupiter, I see myself utilizing his book to build a more consistent body of work with Soul Readings and Healings. This will mean doing the magick and dedicating certain days for fulfilling appointments that have priority over all other activities. I need to run it like a business. 

Stay tuned here for posts on how all that works out and how Jason's teachings work. In the meantime, consider this as an endorsement of any talisman Jason sells and a plea to buy his book. I haven't read it yet but I know it is awesome. 

There is another big thank you that I owe Yvonne. From the moment she started commenting on my blog her words were an inspiration. They helped build confidence and lead me through tough times. It is my prayer that the warm fuzzies she has repeatedly sent me return to her threefold. 

Yvonne's Class Endorsement from April 2012

The Manifestation Meditation is a ritual that takes the practitioner into the heart of magick, into the place where real and true manifestation can occur. There is no goal more worthy than to be one's highest and greatest Self, and no expression of that self that is more powerful than Creation. The mantra allows one to participate in and experience Creation, and it is utterly (and beautifully) transformative. This is an experience I had hoped for but I did not expect, and I am very grateful to Robert for sharing this practice." Yvonne Chireau, Author of Black Magic, Religion and the African American Conjuring Tradition.

Yvonne's book can be found here:

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