Monday, October 29, 2012

Blind Fear

My magickal skills improved exceptionally with the Saturn rite. In fact, so have my work skills, communication skills, emotional stability, sleep (mostly) and everything else I put my mind to.

Tonight, I was going to start a 28 day lunar rite. As I prepared, I felt out of sorts, like a neophyte trying to do a first little something which is a BIG deal to a neophyte. I noticed but plowed on ahead. Then, as I got closer and closer to being ready, I began to feel afraid. This sensation kept getting worse. 

I am a man that will go into temple afraid. However, this was getting ridiculous. My heart raced. I began to sweat. 

I checked void of course moon and, yes, we are on for a long one. Now, I can work and heal in a void of course. It just takes a bit more focus and a solid sense of astral reality. Then it hit me! It is void of course and there is a massive storm over half the population of my country. YIKES.

My magical abilities serve me well in most weather conditions. I can even do rain or wind. Stormy, rainy and windy? Nope. Not yet. Even though it is fine here, I may be more senstive now and a huge storm like that may just have enough influence to whack me out. For those of you new to this, "Whack me out," is a magickal technical term that you'll learn as you advance. 

So, given the scope of what I was about to do, I think the storm and void of course were my problem. My soul was screaming for me to stop and it registered as fear. 

Make a note of that. When something feels off, check it out. 

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