Thursday, October 18, 2012

More on Saturn/Binah

The Saturn/Binah working has had an impact. I cannot believe how much more focussed I am at work. I am getting so much done because my mind isn't going into the past but it staying in the now. This has helped some at home as well.

The exception came last night. I had a rough time living in the past again. However, it was markedly different. I didn't feel the need to explain myself. I talked to a friend at two in the morning on IM and didn't need to beat up the issue but we talked about other things. The need to spew forth the negative emotion was much less.

My dreams are relaying messages now. They are much more meaningful than playful.

Coming Out of the Shell

I have done a couple of soul readings for others of late. These were people I know well so it wasn't a challenge. I have done a healing too with one of my regulars. I seemed to do okay. This weekend, I am doing a psychic fair in Bakersfield. If that doesn't blow me up, then I will resume my healing work.

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