Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Binah/Saturn Results

I am very busy so this will be short and to the point.

My Binah/Saturn working has yielded some interesting results. One of them has been a daily meditation in which I ask to learn about each of the planets by name. So today, I was told to 'notice' something of the planets in my daily life:

Moon  -- change, I changed the method of doing a work task.
Mercury -- my mind only focused on that which I wished today.
Venus -- my desire for spiritual growth is part of this exercise.
Sun -- I applied very consistent energy to one project today. I wasn't pulled to and fro.
Geburah -- Any attempt to pull me off topic was ruthlessly curtailed.
Jupiter  -- I am not sure there was anything peculiar about today that applies. Though, I may have missed a minor opportunity to be merciful.
Saturn -- I knew something was about to blow up at work in advance and took care of it before there was an issue.

Since the Saturn working, I have been much more productive at work and have experienced less unproductive emotion. I have also managed book writing and research.

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