Monday, October 22, 2012

Blood Sacrifice, Hermes, Saturn and Death!

Blood Sacrifice

A friend in trouble texted me last night. She was riding with her husband, "in the middle of nowhere," when their rental car began having trouble. The 'dummy' lights on the dashboard were aglow. The car would not accelerate above forty and appeared to be trying to stall when the the driver pushed on the gas. This was pushing ten o'clock at night. There were three kids in the car with them.

I offered to pray to Hermes and she said she was okay with that. Hermes is the god of travelers. I sat within a triangle of Saturn and called upon my god. He arrived to my internal vision. His staff radiating a eerie light. So strange was the vision that I was not sure it was him. I reflected his staff and he nodded. That is an old GD trick. I have no idea if it works in the Greek world. For all I knew, he may have been a critter in a god suit. 

He indicated they were indeed in trouble. I asked him to help. He told me it was serious and asked for an offering of blood. I can recall saying (in the past) I would do that if I needed to but I cannot recall every actually making a blood offering. Last night, I did. In fact, I agreed without hesitation as these are very close friends. Then I checked with my soul and got the official ok, whatever that is.

I must say these was the strangest feeling rite I have ever done. I cannot describe that feeling at all. 

I returned to folding my laundry but was soon prompted that the offering was needed NOW. So, I obtained a bandage. Then moved to the the kitchen, found a knife and cut myself without a moment's hesitation. A few minutes later, I received a call saying they were home.

To my mind that was much too fast. I later learned they were about 20 to 30 minutes out going at normal speed. To my mind they were home in 10 minutes. No, I didn't look at a clock. What happened? Maybe, Hermes moved their car forward at great speed. Maybe time wrinkled a bit, like in the movies. Of course, Occam's razor should be applied. The most likely answer is that they were closer than they thought and we misjudged time, as we all know that our measurement of an unwatched minute is quite subjective.

The driver did later tell me that he car was about to die and suddenly went back to what was passing as normal.

Frankly, I have no idea if that prayer did anything at all but it sure did feel weird. The odd part was the small cut did bleed through the bandage during the night.


Death was the theme of my fun filled trip to be Bakersfield. Saturn is associated with the death. I have been meditating a lot on that planet of late. So, this shouldn't be that great a surprise.

Friday night, I was taken to a play that featured many O'Hare-like vignettes of death. People died left, right and center. My friend Alyssa did a very nice job in her multiple roles. Later that night, I learned of the death of a marriage.

Saturday consisted of me doing soul and tarot readings at a psychic fair. I had a great time. Afterwards, several of us hung out, drank too much wine and had a really good pizza. For reasons I could not discern the conversation turned to death and dying. This is not the normal chit chat during a happy drinking session, music and dancing. Well, what I do can at best be described as being in the vacinity of dancers while sort of demonstrating an attempt at rhythm.

The next day, on my way to pick up my car, the Druid stopped by his bank. I was amused to see a generic casket distribution center. We then went to a Pagan meet-up. The topic was death, trapped spirits and the like.

None of these things are all that weird but after working with Saturn they are not coincidental. Funny thing about theses sorts of coincidences. They may not have meaning but we magicians act as if they do.

Speaking of Saturn, my original rite focused on getting back with time. Today, I found something I hadn't even known I was looking for just in the nick of time to put it to use.


Phergoph said...

Pardon the question, but what was the old GD visionary trick? Show the spirit it's own stave and look for recognition or try to take the stave from the spirit?

Robert said...

Always feel free to ask.

In GD work, if you land a spirit you are unsure of, you can flash what we call the Banners (one of East and one of the West) at it. How it reacts will tell you if you landed what you intended or at the very least something close.

What I did was to create a vision of the staff I have seen Hermes hold before. If the spirit shrunk from it or had a bad reaction, I'd assume this was not a being related to Hermes. If he tried to take the object, I'd know it wasn't of Hermes.

Frankly, I am not sure this works outside of the GD egregore. However, it seemed to work in this one instance.

If you have follow-up questions, feel free to ask.