Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Asperger's II

They kids began acting up today for the first time since Friday night. Not too shabby for ten minute's work.

Tonight, I went back. Fire Boy's fire was below him again. This time I asked why and was told to look to another child. So, I glanced at one of the few young people I know and saw how the fire was in her. In her case it was in Malkuth but traveled to the outside paths of Shin and Qoph then up to a certain point on those pillars. So, I mimicked that with Fireboy. I moved the fire, directed its path and then sealed Malkuth, Hod and Netzach. Kid fire does not go up to Yesod. The implications of puberty are obvious. 

The only problem I had was bringing the fire fully to Netzach. I do not think I quite got it there.

I did see his brother as being tied to Fire Boy by iron bars. Oddly, they sleep in a shared bed that has iron bars. Regardless, the ties looked like normal brother ties. However, there was one at foot level that gives the brother all sorts of trouble. When I touched it, I could see him kick. He was very uncomfortable.

I told their mom about it. I have permission to remove just that one bar next time.

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