Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Robert the Magician is Back! (and Demon Visit)

That Saturn working has resulted in a great many positive things. Among them was the command to get to know each planet. I am starting that on the full moon.

My plan is to segment a purple candle into 28 sections, doing a lunar blessing using my standard MO, and burning one of the segments. I plan to focus on the candle as it burns. Then return every day to burn another segment. The goal is to release all fears and misconceptions of the moon over the first 14 days and to be taught about the moon over the next 14. I will post the technique as I go along.

I have many plans for magick. So, this space will revert to magick and its results without stopping on the Manifestation Meditation, healing and the like either.

The Demon Paimon

The other day when I was working doing Soul and Tarot Readings an odd thing happened. As one client left, the spirit of the Lesser Key of Solomon (Goetia), Paimon, sat in his place. I was nonplussed. The conversation was brief:

Me, "I do not have time for you."
Paimon, "Yes, but you will."
Me, "Go away."
Paimon, "You will have to deal with me." Then, he left.

I asked a friend that suggested I deal with Paimon on my time table rather than let him rule the show. This seemed like sound advice. However, I did check in with Lon DuQuette and he hit me out of left field with this, "Snap out of it Robert! Responding to initial contacts from the demon breaks the Solomonic formula, surrenders your role as the magician, and puts you in the position of being evoked by the spirit! Chalk it up to colorful residual shit left over from your last reading and forget about it."

I have not asked my Greater Neschemah yet but I will. While I think both sets of advice are good. Lon's seemed shockingly real. I am more likely to follow his experience on this one.

The Agnostic Update

She sends me frequent messages expresssing her happiness.

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