Tuesday, October 30, 2012


My friend's child was diagnosed with Aspergers. She has a younger child that may have it as well.

Friday night, I performed a healing session. The boys were asleep and I just asked the universe which one to work on. I went to Fireboy. So-called because I could see fire underneath him. The visual was of fire burning under Malkuth.

I moved the fire up into the Malkuth sphere and sealed it with the names of G-d of that sphere.

That morning she reported both kids woke fine and behaved like normal kids. Prior to that, every time she woke them, she heard, "I hate you." She also noticed that Fireboy no longer mispronounces his Rs. Apparently, small speech issues are characteristic of the illness.

I am praying this lasts the boy a lifetime. We shall see.

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