Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Dual Nature of Saturn

Blogging can help. I hadn't realized I was undergoing a test of Saturn until I started blogging last night. What started out as a whiny post became helpful fast. While still emotionally troubled, I knew I turned a corner when I hit the post button. To recognize the test was to pass the test. 

This morning, I am contemplating the dual nature of Saturn. Saturn resides in Binah which gives us form. Binah outlines the home of the soul from which one must not stray.  This is our virtue. I do not mean that in a moralistic sense. I mean that your virtue is doing what your soul incarnated to do in this life. You cannot do that outside of the soul form Binah provides. 

On the other hand, Saturn can keep is within the 'home' of our own making. I have certain attitudes and the like that are not within the home of the soul but are within the home of the lower personality. These are depressing, cycling thoughts that leave me inconsolable. Saturn holds these tight. Anyone doing the Great Work for long enough realizes that there are things that need purged but they just can't let go. This is Saturn. 

The latter must be passed through before the former can take full power. Last night, I passed through but truly seeing my own bullshit, my own illusionary vaporware. Soon, I will see if I can formalize the Binah level of Saturn in some way or, at the very least, increase its influence.

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