Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pre-Initiation Dream

When working the Tree of Life, it is common to have dreams of an initiatory nature. Most of mine center on passing a point of fear. Success with water may be reflected in a dream of being trapped in the bowels of a sinking ship but eventually finding one's way to safety without  a hint of panic.

Dreams of other varieties do occur. A few nights back, I dreamed of being in a military uniform. The uniform was a color that can only be found on the astral, it was a reddish, black, greenish, yellow that appeared soft brown. Those are the colors of Malkuth, the Kingdom, the tenth sephira, the latter being the exception.

Five men stood in front of me, all dressed the same. Between us but closer to me was a table wit a red cloth and a cup of water. The ceremony was about to begin.

Given the paths I am about to work, this is a pre-initiation dream into Geburah. Geburah is red and is the fifth  sephira, hence the five men. Hence the five colors of the uniform. Mars is its ruling planet which accounts for the military nature of the dream. The first path leading to Geburah is the path of Mem (water) which accounts for the cup.

I am considering why I was told to rush through the path workings. Geburah is off the middle pillar. Were I too work just one path, wait, do the next and then walk to Geburah I may make my life quite difficult. Golden Dawn ceremonies have their initiates walk each path to a sephira before introducing them to the sphere. I am going to mimic that idea.

The next question is should I turn around and do the paths leading to Chesed shortly there after? If I could balance all those energies quickly, it may make life easier. The problem lie in that IF. I may not be able to assimilate anything from Chesed. I don't think that would make things worse though. I may need to do that for balance regardless of the overall effectiveness. Given that I am going this alone anything that may lead to greater balance seems a good idea.

Note: I am having a very hard time writing in this space. I feel as if I am contracting and expanding at the same time. This is leaving me quite internal.

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