Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Doing Nothing

The Manifestation Meditation has been in full gear. I've been meditating on linking my Neschemah (Immortal Soul) to my Ruach (Personality Soul) to my Nephesch (Instinctual Soul - Fight/Flight and Reproduction) to my G'uph (Physical Body).  The meditation morphs as I pick up the pieces I need.

Today, as I sat here, I felt extreme love, not just for my friends but for everyone. It was peace and joy and a wonder. It didn't come with hyper-awareness or knowledge of some arcane thing. Love, just love.  Then suddenly, I was distracted and it was gone. 

Yet, I know what I felt was deeper and stronger than my last brush with my higher self but not as lingering. I am not sure what that contradiction means. 

Later in the day, someone popped my balloon. This is the second time this has happened. I feel like I reached a new level and someone comes along quickly and deflates me. This time though, there was not a hint of an ego problem. I am not sure why the universe poked at me. Many any ego at all is a problem but I have a hard time believing that. Egos are necessary.

My mentor warned me that the higher I rose the more often I'd find people trying to intentionally drag me down. In my case, intentionally is the wrong word but I do understand his meaning.

Edit: I realized after posting this that that love didn't go away. I can still access it. Maybe that was the lesson. The ego pokes do not matter. Maybe not. 


nutty professor said...

This is precious stuff. How? How? How?

Can you say more about being able to access Love at will? what about the process, man?

Not that I am trying to muscle in on your vibration but we could REALLY USE some insights about technique over here. (Perhaps just generalizing from your system, since some of us use different/other systems?

thanks much

Robert said...

It will fade with time, ebb and flow etc. I am hoping it will solidify.

I am actually working on an e-book on the Manifestation Meditation that covers the necessary background. I do have an editor on board already. I expect it to be about 100 pages.