Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Image

I asked my friend whose blog seems to have disappeared off my roles to make a particular image for me.  I sent her a picture of my hand with my cherished mala wrapped around it a peculiar way. Then I told her what I wanted her to do with it. This is the result.

I am thrilled!

The image was one that appeared in a meditation. To me, the symbolism applies as follows:

The hand creates. It is the physical yod of the qabala.

The mala is prayer.

The blue is mercy. This mercy and love is from the qabalistic sphere of Chesed. This is also the memory of our cosmic journeys. It is that part of us that remembers we have an immortal soul.

The red is Strength. This is power from the qabalistic sphere of Geburah. This gives us the energy to overcome the obstacles and difficult lessons of the path.

The gold is Beauty. It is the beauty of the purified self, qabalistic  Tipereth. It is also the imagination that inspires us to seek the highest soul, which sparks the fires of Geburah which gives us the strength to persevere until we remember who we really are. It also is my HGA ring.

At the wrist, the beads form a double circle, below and above - as above so below. The hand within the rings demonstrates the ability to live within the virtues of one's own soul. There is no need to stray.

I did not ask for the background color. Yet it too has a significance to GD work that only a GD person would understand. Should they want to put it in context with the above, they will get it.

For years, I've heard that I should wear red and blue. I am finally beginning to understand.

Thank you Nicole, this is awesome. I am actually a bit teary writing this. You gave me a gift.

Currently, I am using this image as my google account profile picture which appears when I like a blog. It is also the image of this blog of Facebook. Little does she know, I am going to ask her to turn this into a banner for this space.


Frater Acher said...

Okay, now you have to share her name and blog link... Who is she who does such wonderful art? It's stunning - simple and pure.

Robert said...

TY, as you know, simple magic is my watchword, odd for a ceremonial guy.

Her work really blew me away. It was exactly what I asked for. How did she do that?

I have asked her for a blog link. She used to have one. It used to be linked here.

Robert said...

Frater Acher, she can be seen here:

V.V.F. said...

I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to do this for you - it's the reason I do what I do. Just say the word and you've got your banner. ;)

For anyone else, I also have an art-only blog that can be found here:

Gwynt-Siarad said...

I really love this!