Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Night of Fire

Tonight, I was reading, the AGEDE that was recommended by Ananeal Qaa. I came across some tidbits that were of interest as I am reading this with some care.

One page dealt with fire. The following quote struck me with great interest:

The ancient Greeks distinguished the Destructive (Aidêlon) Fire, associated with Hades (Aidês), from the Creative Fire, associated with Hephaistos, the Divine Smith or Craftsman. In Orphic cosmologies, as in many others, a Divine Craftsman is born from the Cosmic Egg or is responsible for opening it

Way back when I was very new to all this, before I met the Alexandrians and Golden Dawn people, a close friend was advising me on my journeys, I encountered Hephaistos. In fact, he was the first god I had encountered. Oh how I wish I kept records of what he said. I do remember he asked me to be his priest. I declined. I simply find it fascinating that this circled back into itself as the Conclave of the Greek Key is merging into the Orphic Mysteries. Here I have a link going back full circle. And my journeys then were called delusional, no.

The second item that caught my attention was this: to the radiant body. The radiant body (augoeides), also known as the astral body (astroeides) or aitherial body, is the vehicle of the Higher Soul,...

So, I popped into the temple room and using my newly modified LIRP I invoked Spirit and Fire. At the invocation of Spirit I saw a beautiful silver and gold cup and I remembered this line from Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell,

And they'll tell you black is really white 

The moon is just the sun at night 
And when you walk in golden halls 
You get to keep the gold that falls 
It's Heaven and Hell 

It is funny how things you once thought were evil take on whole new meanings at higher levels. 

I then walked to the south and asked the spirits of fire to energize my radiant body so that I could astral project from an aware state as opposed to a dream. I received a surprise.

My feet began to tingle and then get hot. The sensation moved up my legs. It began to hurt. This was uncomfortable. It burned. The sensation was not unlike that felt when you put a nine volt on your tongue only with the additional discomfort of heat. I was offered an opportunity to stop. This was followed by an offer to continue at a later date.  I declined. The sensation moved up to my waist. Fortunately, it was less painful.

The odd part was that it returned at my head level. Later, it move to my arms. It never landed in my chest.  Eventually, the spirits of fire told me they were done. They told me that no one could claim that I have not passed through fire. It was anti-climatic. There was no astral projection. 

I banished fire. There was no way I was going to let something that created that intense of a physical sensation hang around especially when that spirit was of fire. When I moved back to the center of the circle to thank spirit, I saw a King with Scales. It reminded me of Libra. The figure acknowledge that he was of Libra and told me I was closer than I thought. I have heard that before. The image was very much like the a cross between the Rider-Waite King of Swords and Justice. It was much more like the Justice card but with the court card colors. 


Hypnovatos said...

An interesting note.. whether connected or not... is that Augo in Greek means Egg. Auge has to do with light, namely first light as in Dawn... Augy. So the dawn of life... is an egg.. the cosmic egg with which Hephaestus was involved.

Pallas Renatus said...

I think I was lucky to have teachers early on who called me out on notions of "evil" and made me look at them from a higher (or at least different) viewpoint. You really start to see the dynamic interplay of forces once you stop assigning absolute labels to things.