Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Manifestation Meditation Results in Unity

I have been performing the Manifestation Meditation mostly daily. The goal is to unify the higher self (immortal soul) with the personality and other parts of the qabalistic soul. The odd part about it is that it has been inspiring me to perform different meditations. Each meditation makes sense within the context of the goal.

Last night, the normal mantra was not working. I switched to several others before my mind snapped onto an image. I could see the pentagram of spirit hanging over my altar in my temple room. I use this when I perform my idiosyncratic version of the LIRP.

The image was easy to focus on and very clear. I began to see the other pentagrams of the ritual and how the energy connecting those resulting in a flat doughnut shape when combined with spirit. In the middle spirit was three dimensional while the ring, dispute the vertical pentagrams was two dimensional. I could also clearly see how temple space could be enhanced by the addition of the planets. outside of the elemental pentagrams.

All that was secondary.

The important part was that I internalized spirit and the angel of spirit. I applied Eheieh to myself, "I am that which I am." My mantra became my full name. I saw each part of my name to be analogous to levels of the soul. My first name was my Greater Neschemah (immortal soul), my second was the Ruach (Personality) and may last was my G'uph (body).  You would think the first two would be reversed but no.

At some point I knew myself to be merged with spirit. All of my soul was together. I don't have the words to describe that but I want to feel it again and make it permanent. After all, that is the goal of the Manifestation Meditaiton.

Speaking of which, I am trying to write that up into a small e-book on the Manifestation Mediation. I have only four pages now. This time, I am using my new LIRP information about the elements to get them to push and energize me for this project. Elements are not the best to use for this, according to general consensus. My plan is to use the automatic personality for me, rather than against me.

My next post will cover the automatic personality.

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