Friday, September 9, 2011

There are Three of Me

Last night I had a very short but not so normal lucid dream. I am sure it was related to my temple work earlier in the evening.

There story on the television screen. The subject matter was one of my primal fears. I was doing okay until the news story showed images of that fear. YIKES! I tried to run but then I realized I had sleep paralysis. With that realization, I became aware that I was asleep but the person that realized that was not the person who had the sleep paralysis.

I did a pentagram of fire but I was shaky and insecure, not my best work. Nothing happened.

As odd as this sounds, I felt as if there were three of me at once. I cannot define the characteristics of each. I feel that information would be important.

Maybe, there is the one of primal fear (Nephesch), one that can think (Ruach) and one that can watch (Highest Self)?

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Pallas Renatus said...

I've heard more than one person talk about the "split" feeling during a whole number of initiations. For some reason this reminded me of a similar post Nick made about one of his own initiations.