Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Enochian

Adding the Enochian to the meditation equation last night had an energetic effect. It was a tad scary. I can't vouch that it added anything to my life. I did not recall any dreams as my sleep schedule was a mess last night. 

I just did another brief meditation trying to connect to my lesser Neschemah. This is the part of the soul that  connects us to all things. Two things happened. One was that I saw a face from profile, gender undetermined. It was propelled by flames like a bad animation. It descended from my upper left and descended towards my heart landing with a thud. What that was, I have no idea. 

The other thing that occurred was that I received some information. I was reminded not to view the names of the qabala as merely names of power but as names of God and very real places and things. Another bit of information was something that I have to keep to myself as it relates to a friend. I will see what happens with that info. 

I am sure there is more that I wanted to say tonight. If I can recall that, there may be two posts tonight. For now, I leave you with this, which I found on Facebook earlier today.

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