Friday, September 16, 2011


When I first started this blog, RO used to get mad at me. He said I would lead up to something and then leave him hanging. I told him I did not do that. He disagreed and eventually convinced me. From time to time, others have complained about the same thing. My editor even pointed it out.

So today, I am actually going to share specifically what I did today. I have replaced the names of the archangels in the LBRP/LIRP. It isn't exactly new idea in the realm of modern magick but the specifics came to me as I performed my other redaction of the LIRP when I asked the angel of air Chassan to teach me about joy. The response was that air was appropriate but I had the wrong kind of air. I needed to get specific.

What was meant was that there are many classifications of elements upon the tree. Most people think of the sephiro as associated with planets but each is also associated with an element. The classification I used involved the first place each element appears on the tree coming from the top town.

Very technically, the first place air appears is in Keter but if we think of it that way, we never get out of Keter. Everything exists in Keter. So the first place on the tree that air makes an appearance is Tipereth. Fire first appears in Chokmah, water in Binah and Earth in Malkuth. I used the the hierarchy associated with those spheres plus the angel of the of the element within the LIRP.


YHVH Eloah Va’daath
Elemental Angel: Chassan

Elemental Angel: Aral


YHVH Eloheem
Elemental Angel: Taliahad


Adonai Ha-Aretz
Elemental Angel: Phorlak

In addition, I vibrated these names as I drew the invoking pentagram for that element each time I vibrated a name. The exception was the elemental angel. For those, I drew the elemental sigil found in this article in the middle of the pentagrams as I vibrated the elemental angel's name. I view this as sealing the forces in place. 

Once I completed that, I prayed to the angel to manifest "the forces I have already invoked." My idea here was to filter the sephirotic energy through a more easily contacted medium, the elemental angel. The results were fascinating. 

With Fire: I heard the following phrase that many of you will recognize, "such a fire existeth, extending even through the rushing of air." 

Water: "primal sleep" from the Golden Dawn Neophyte ritual. I experienced an internal silence in a profound way. This was telling me that when I can live within this silence, I can not only bond with people from there because there are no mental processes to interfere, thus 'silencing my inner jerk', but truly perceive and feel the world around me.

Earth: I was told that anything I do invoking the other elements like this must manifest. I need to be very very careful. 

When I hear a warning like that I listen. I also assume it is only meant for me. This is just a key to my talents. Someone else's talents may need other avenues of expression.

Air was the purpose of this little exercise. I was given the gift of joy but I didn't feel anything. Of course, later, I was exposed to the silence of water. 

Ironically, because I was so forthcoming in this post, the following entered my head: Know, Will, Dare, Keep Silent

Know: Air, the knowledge of what you don't need to know/think
Will: Fire, Such a fire existeth, extending even through the rushing of air"
Dare: Earth, Manifestation (upon earth)
Silence:Water, inner quiet

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Pallas Renatus said...

Considering Kether as the first encounter with Air suddenly makes the placement of the elements (and therefore, the order of their invocation) within the GD elemental rituals make a lot more sense, beyond the typical "English weather" analogy.