Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thank Yous for Those Providing Assistance

From time to time people point out various websites and other information that help me along. The two that immediately come to mind are Ananael Qaa and Pallas Renatus. Given that I am not a scholar, I don't always know that information is out there. These two have consistently supplied reading material and insights. In addition, Jack provides me with information and resources more privately. 

These people are of great assistance and I appreciate that they not on read my ramblings but offer their aid. 

Today Ananael pointed me to The Ancient Greek Esoteric Doctrine of the Elements. I am not sure if he is aware of this or not but it links my work with The Conclave of the Greek Key (Helpful Deity) to the elements through the Orphic Mysteries. Just that tidbit of information is a gold mine. I am sure that I will find more treasures as I read through this. 

So, I would like to thank these fine gentlemen and the others that have taken a moment to comment with comments, information and encouragement. The winner in the last category is probably the Nutty Professor. Her comments do buck me up on occasion, especially now that I am having such a hard time psychologically. 


nutty professor said...

Yay me! thanks for the kudos. But you are not leaving the blog anytime soon are you? Because life in this realm is about to get very very "interesting" (magickly speaking and in other ways). We need you to document your skills, your arts and your experiences. I remain a loyal reader of your fine ethnography.

Robert said...

I am curious, who is "we"? Do you use the blogs are fodder for your classes? I don't mind. I am just asking.

I am having a very hard time with the constant cycling of lessons. I see them everywhere and constantly. The unlearned repeating, the learned repeating, new lessons arriving. It is getting difficult to bear lately. However, I have such a spiritual drive and love to write. So, whatever I do, will likely be documented here.

petoskystone said...

i see more of a spiraling in lessons than a cycling. cycling, to me, implies static. whereas what i read in your words is a spiraling lesson leading & building upon another.

nutty professor said...

no, no, I don't use these materials for my classes. I was using the collective "we" to speak of your readership. Although my abode is crowded with discarnates, I do not let them near the computer :)

Robert said...

Cool. I have just noticed several "WEs" and the locals here are already under the eye of an anthropologist.

Pallas Renatus said...

Wow dude, glad to be of help. Half the time I'm convinced my obsessive linking only serves to satisfy my OCD; I'll be sure to keep it up now that I'm finally getting back to posting!