Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fire and Earth

Once again I am working with simple elements. So many magicians eschew their use as beneath them. 

Today, I invoked earth, fire and spirit. The combination of these elements have always satisfied me. 

The image I received is familiar to me, a bowl dug into the earth with a flame residing in the center. The flame, calm at first, began to get out of control. It rose and got wild. Curiously, it remained in the cup. I called the spirit of earth and the bowl of earth grew. Making the bowl proportionate to the fire calmed the flame. I shrunk the bowl and the flame grew wild. I called the spirit of air to move further away. The flame reduced and became calmer. I did this three times until I was satisfied. I then reversed the process.

At no time did I work with fire directly. I worked with its supporting elements to control the flame. There is a BIG F---ING LESSON there. I flashed to my frustration issues at work. If I catch them fast enough, I can call spirits of air and ask them to move back. I can call earth and ask it to expand. At least that is what the vision showed. We will see how that works in the real world. 

That wasn't the point of the lesson. I noticed there was no fuel. Spirit told me that the proper fuel is my desires. I asked, "Isn't that fire (Netzach)?" 

"Not when you make them earthly [like wood]," was the answer. 

I understand what was being said but not quite how to do this magickally. Is this just a matter of focus? I am not sure. I do know that one of those desires is a new job. I have a plan that I am not ready to discuss yet. Future magick is going into that plan as well as mundane work. We will see.

I just knew that there was more to learn. I wasn't getting it. Then spirit told me something that humility forbids repeating. The finalizing process of that can be fuel as well. While it was nice to hear. I am not sure I want that. Apologies for being vague. My editor is going to kick my ass. 

Meditation continues. The mantra is morphing to greater specifics. More on that in a future post. 

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Pallas Renatus said...

Big F'ing lesson indeed. I'll have to experiment with this, it's not something I've ever really thought about before.