Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last night, I popped into temple and did my modified version of the LIRP to call the angels of the elements. Technically, I don't need the ritual but it does bring a sense of comfort, I suppose. My temple room is humming right now and I like that. So, for now, I will keep up doing that ritual.

I went to each element and gave it instructions for today. For instance, I need earth to continue to inspire me to get organized and to have everything in a neat orderly place. It has started that work with me and the results are great. I am just keeping the momentum moving. I asked water to increase its presence but in a very specific way. We will see what transpires with the rest.

The most important part was dealing with spirit. I focused on the Fool card as Spirit has previously inspired me to do. The part I was supposed to understand was that spirit plays the role of the instigator. The dog in the image is inertia. It wants everything to stay the same. Spirit ignores the dog.

This analogy cannot always be true. I am a bit of an animist so I see spirit in a rock too. Most rocks do not move so much.

The other part that mattered was that I was able to drink in spirit. I took that feeling and inhaled it until it reached my toes. Bliss. It is like making love.

When I went to bed, I reached out to many people and offered my blessing of spirit. I blessed those that would expect me to and those that would be stunned to learn that I blessed them and everyone I could think of in between. This was peaceful, like dawn.

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Pallas Renatus said...

If the rock is inertia, the dog would be the "monkey mind"; spirit ignores both of them.