Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fire is Love

I have always associated Love with watery things. In his Book of Thoth, Crowley speaks of the Ace of Swords and says, "Love is the purpose of this ruthless analysis." The f---ing Swords are about love. I knew exactly what he meant when he wrote that.

Now, as I keep bumping up against the Neschemah I am wondering two things...

1) how is transformational fire about love in direct human terms.
2) am I bumping up against the neschemah or just hitting a deeper level of Netzach?

Netzach, Victory, has a link to my favorite tarot card the Star. The star is the sweet passing on of divine gifts without ownership. I got to stand in that current once. So, am I mistaking my Neschemah for the higher aspects contained in Netzach? Am I being told to investigate Netzach?

I know I have to trace back this idea as I was previously told and figure out how it has been transmuted into something just impure enough to lead me off track? Sorry for the ramble but I am confused.

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