Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well, It is Like This

Today pretty much sucked. An upside is that I am not all that upset. Just a bit...miffed? Maybe that is the word.

I am officially getting demoted due to budget cuts. The union rules apply so the other guy in my position who is famous for doing as little as possible keeps his job as he has seniority. Naturally, I am a bit offended by garbage like that. However, the worst part is that I will have to tell a member of my staff that he is getting laid off. To me, it is just a pay cut that I can absorb. To him, it is a life changing experience. Telling him tomorrow isn't going to be fun.

The only upside is that the the good folks at the Enchanted Cottage in Bakersfield have been after me to be a regular tarot reader for them for some time. I am going to ask my boss for one Monday off a month to do that. It may open some doors.

Some Help

I popped into the temple room to see if I could skry a woman I know. She has had a couple of  readers vomit in the middle of her readings. When they are done barfing they refuse to be in the vicinity of her. I had a lock of her hair and used that to connect with her. I found a critter. I will not describe it as she may read this space and I don't want her to focus on it. I have a plan to get rid of it for her. I will post when I do something and the results. I am unlikely to post the hows and whys until after I know the critter is gone.

This post was written the evening of 11/29/10. It is scheduled to post on 11/30/10 on the off chance someone from work reads this and tells the guy before I can. That would be most uncool and demonstrate a lack of leadership skills.


I followed up on one of Michael's orders today. Well, I set an appointment to do so. I suppose that is the same thing.


Aelwyn said...

I'm sorry to hear you have to tell someone they no longer have a job. :( That's a horrible thing to have to do. And you being demoted SUCKS!

I look forward to reading about the critter in the future, though. I've been through a similar experience with someone.

Gwynt-Siarad said...

I got your back bro if you need any thing in regards to this post. I am sure your more then capable, but just so ya know. ;)