Saturday, November 20, 2010

Staying Connected

I think last night may have changed my life. At some point in the spiritual quest one is just a drip that becomes a trickle, a brook, creek, river, ocean. I will not assess where I am on that chain but the flow is stronger now.

I wrote the above this morning. I didn't hit the send button because I was so peacefully emotional that I thought I'd make four or five posts today. Rather than being that annoying, I waited to see what came up.

Overall, I have had a good day. I texted my partner, for whom I need to find a better nickname, to make sure she was okay. Sometimes strong magicks unsettle her. She said that she felt like a jigsaw puzzle that has finally been put back together. She felt beautiful! What music that was to read! Then she said she felt a bit selfish for all she had taken from me. To feel that good, she had to have taken. No. I was great. I thought she gave to me. As Hermes said, it was sharing without taking. Nice.

As I took my walk tonight, I felt lonely. I thought that this was the inevitable consequence of being so connected last night. It is obvious that one cannot stay connected forever. Then I thought, why not? Are we not meant to be in union? In that place, from that place, one could be a blessing to many. Peace.

I am going to chat with Hermes and see if I can develop some personal meditations that can take me to that place. Performing them a time or two a day may do the trick. Some will say that one cannot stay connected that long. You have to keep your feet on the ground. Perhaps, but I want to give it a try.

Is that me being "the Presumptuous One" again? Or am I that close to what I've sought my adult life? Or, is this just another platform to stand on as I continue my climb?

Even typing this, I feel the connection returning. Peace. To share this without taking...I pray that is the next step.

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