Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leo Focus

I've been trying to reconcile what I've found on the path of Teth (Leo) on the tree. This place is a huge tug of war between Mars and Jupiter.

The Leo personality ranges the extreme forms of Mercy and Severity. This emotional tug of war results in the extremes of confidence and insecurity, drive and weakness. This is our battle. One of our most positive traits is that of determination. It also drives people crazy that want to or need to stand in our way.

In my meditation last night, I focused on how I can reconcile those extremes. What came to me was the idea of focus. If we focus on the entirety on the goal of the moment, we can live between those extremes. This may be why the tool of the Leo is discipline. We need to cultivate that discipline and focus on the task at hand.

Perhaps in that, is our answer.


PhoenixAngel said...

Frater Robert, doesn't discipline lie in strength and severity? I do not see it as being between mercy and severity. This feels counterintuitive to my studies in the Qabalah, but then again, I admit I do not have the knowledge like you do ((bow)).

I CAN, however, understand how focus can allow us to live between the extremes. Focus allows us to incorporate the building blocks of mercy and the framework of severity.

Pallas Renatus said...

@PhoenixAngel: I believe you're thinking of having a "disciplined will", which indeed requires strength and severity from the personality. But when dealing with the world at large, a significant part of discipline is knowing when to withhold strength and severity in situations where it is not needed, rather than domineering the situation like a tyrant. This is one of the more elusive displays of Mercy, rather than something more obvious (ie charity).

@Robert: I've experienced the "bouncing between extremes" as a Leo myself. I agree with the sentiment on focus; Nobody gets shit done like a focused Leo!

PhoenixAngel said...

@Pallus Renatus: Thank you for the clarification. Makes more sense now :) What a coincidinkie! I am a Leo too. I guess a Trio of Leos spoke on the topic of focus

Robert said...

Phoenix, your first comment, discipline is severe, in a manner of speaking. I borrowed a trait from my obviously difficult side to focus the energy. The focus is from the merciful side. You cannot demonstrate mercy for a friend in need if you are not focused on their needs.

Pallas, exactly right. When one is the third thing in the triangle the other points being mercy and severity....