Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Gift of a Master

The Psychic entered my temple space prior to using it for a reading. She noted the four beings standing guard and pointed out one specifically. I told her who that was. She said that he wanted to speak with me.

The Archangel Michael didn't wish to speak with me but to me. He issued forth orders. All of them seemed reasonable on target. He also showed me his light, its pattern and where I can carry that light. He told me that I had only seen him as fire but now I've seen more of him, much more.

This morning, exhausted from two nights of chatting and drinking my share of three bottles of wine over those two days, I felt compelled to enter my temple room and open my vision. The four were there. I understood that I can take them with me wherever I go and how to position them in my awareness. I did so as I walked away for a nap.

I focused as I lay there upon the angels. As my awareness of them slowly faded, energy rose up through my feet. Peaceful. Strong. Pleasant. My back felt a good measure of relief. I napped. After waking, I lunched and then tried to nap some more. Suddenly, I had one of those thoughts. So simple that I feel like a complete maroon -- as Bugs Bunny would say. I had neglected looking deeper into Michael. That means I had also neglected to look deeper into the others.

I thought of Raphael.

Raphael, showed me his huge form surrounded by blackness. Into that blackness, an opening appeared. The perfect circle was laid flat as if upon a floor. It allowed me to see past the darkness. I was afforded a glimpse of Raphael's wings. Beautiful. Awesome. Vivifying. These words cannot describe this vision. I asked, in my hubris, to see even more of him. The calm patient reply was that it is not his time. I longed for more and asked again receiving the same reply. He added that I need to return to Michael. I asked if I could stop by the others on my way. The answer was affirmative.

I went to Auriel. I found myself in a hedge maze. Sound familiar? Only this one was taller and very well kept. I raced through the maze as the ground moved me on its own. The maze never ended. I realized that to see the angel, I had to get off the track. The angel was in the hedge. This took some doing. There was no place to gain a solid foothold that wasn't moving. I averted my eyes from where I could see the track and focused on the bushes. This seemed to put my back to one hedge wall as I looked 'over' but without seeing the moving track beneath.

I pressed my face against that hedge without touching the track. Don't ask me how. I don't know. I became up close and personal to:

Branches. Twigs. They scratched at my face. Oops. No. Push past.

Welcome to the earth. Endurance. Vast Endurance. Unlimited Endurance. There was great comfort in that. I even snuggled down into the blankets and sheets more as my body responded to perhaps the most peaceful emotion I have ever experienced.

(Note: this I can carry with me?)

I saw mountains and rivers. The latter was a demonstration of how the earth cradles the water to sustain certain forms of life. How without this manifestation life would not exist. I saw valleys. Snow covered peaks. Vast plains. Every sight on my tour was as impressive and as holy as Raphael's wings. Peace. Endurance. To think the divine is not all around remember the person that saw the manifest world as nothing but terror and obscurity, almost brings sadness but it cannot. It was a time. That time is past.

Gabriel was not as dramatic. I saw him from a distance as a man with wings. As he approached he was a water eagle of some kind. Demonstrating his transformative powers. I am no longer the snake.

To Michael. Again, he showed me his light. Then an odd blue vase. The bowl of which was very close to the bottom and over it a long stem. I have a similar shape upon my mantel. I did not understand this watery sign as it relates to Michael. He said I may never understand but it didn't seem to bother him any.

He told me that I can never understand all there is to the angels but now is the time to make that effort.

The Psychic opened up these visions for me. She pointed the way. How does one say thank you for that? How does one express the gratitude I feel at this moment? She gave me a gift only a master can bestow. She honored me and now I honor her.

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