Thursday, November 18, 2010


I invoked Annubis for a friend that used to be a member of my lodge. At one time, she had a strong relationship with the god but then let that fade.

I saw him as I began to meditate. He appeared as I would have to imagine him in order to invoke within a GD temple setting. The invocation process was easy. As soon he was invoked within me my arm or arms moved into the appropriate position. Still, my mind wasn't 100% sure I had him. I followed my compulsion to move to a particular place in my temple room.

My voice said, "What is it your seek?" The answer was, "Your approval..." There was no longer a doubt. The resulting dialogue was Anubis, not myself. There was a beautiful moment as he handed her the cup and talked of libations and a loving heart. Yes, I know, that doesn't sound like Anubis but it did within context. My friend cried as the ritual ended. Apparently, she heard the messages she needed to hear.

As for me, the god form was strong. It ended very cleanly. I have no residuals from it at all. Normal consciousness arrived as I was reversing the ritual.

Side Note:

Anubis is a god of the underworld and death. As we finished a text message arrived about a friend in very serious condition in the hospital. The message we first received was that he may not make it through the night. This message was apparently an excited utterance. Things are very serious but not that immediately bad. Work, will of course be done on his behalf. It just seems a very strange message to receive after working with Anubis.

Picture of Anubis from here.


Astrophel said...

Anubis is quite different than most people think. He reminds me of a friendly, playful dog - kind and full of joy, a patient teacher. Not all underworld deities are grim and somber ;) That's why I love him.

Turkituck said...

I have a very close friend who is a follower of Anubis. Through my friendship with her, Anubis has seemingly decided that He "likes me", and has communicated to/through me many times. I love when he comes around ^_^ I've only seen Him act like a, for lack of better term, traditional underworld deity once, when he was standing behind the hospital bed of a friend who was about to pass.