Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Morning's Astral Work

I woke up at 5:00 AM this UGH! So, I made the best of it. I sat up, focused on my portal and tried to astral project.

I decided to do the little method, which is described in The Art and Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel. This method is to find markers in your home and focus on them one by one as guide posts. You repeat this daily until success is acheived.

I had decent but not great visions of my marking places. As my mind lost focus, I had better visions of other places as my mind flitted around like a humming bird. At one level this shows an undisciplined mind. On another level, there is a clue there. I shouldn't focus on getting there but on being there. As I had these strong visions of other places, I noted that I didn't feel like I was there. It is more than looking at a picture of a place but not like being there. Most places have a particular feel to them. I didn't have the feel.

That is until I found myself in a temple room in Bakersfield. I felt that. I felt it so strong it was hard to leave. I had to come back to myself and then move elsewhere. This is progress.

I then managed to go back to sleep for an hour.


Wolf said...

Ophiel methods are great. I was using them a lot. At least Ophiel explains them much better than our curriculum of Bennu-Kheper lodge. :)))) To get a feeling of the place, Ophiel wants us to spend certain amount of time near every signpost.
Another point...besides clear visualization we should have ether body dense enough to stay in it. That's why Ophiel requires first to form ether body, to "walk it" along whole projection route and only after that to project into it from above (astral into ether) .
Average person can't project into vacuum, he needs body dense enough to stay there. That's why average person has certain limits doing "Rising on the Planes". To get higher we need to decrease density of our astral body. At some point it becomes so light that we can't stay in it anymore.

Pallas Renatus said...

I remember reading Ophiel's book in middle school. Not that I ever practiced anything in it, but damn I should pick it up again.