Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Astral Projection Experiment Twist

Tonight's magickal work has proven a bit odd. My original goal was to do a certain act of thaumaturgy. This was going to be hush hush. The act is irrelevant to this post. I didn't feel like doing it. I simply didn't. I felt that the night was being wasted. It was quiet here. I wasn't studying. I wasn't writing. I wasn't doing magick. So, I thought I'd work on some astral projection.

I did the LBRP and a middle pillar. I was going to call the planetary hierarchy of luna when I was inspired to do the sepherotic hierarchy of Yesod instead. I did so. Praying to each spirit as I called. My body felt very much alive as the energy moved across my arms, torso and legs.

I sat in my temple room chair and simply didn't know what to do. So, remembering the lesson from the last experiment, I focused on air. I felt little currents of air go through my astral body. I felt the air within. This was more elemental than thought, which is often associated with air. This had the properties of air clear, warm, moist, movement. I slowly let myself feel the air around me All the while I am having visions of my living room.

I then moved outside and saw a pillar in front of my house and then the mailbox. I was inspired to surround it as in manifesting my astral form around the mailbox. I could feel the mailbox within my astral form. It was too solid. It was uncomfortable. This was not a good idea. I backed away. In writing this I realize that a mailbox is communication which is associated with air. I then thought of different outdoor spots the neighbor's house, the street and a spot I stood in the night before on a walk which was some distance away. I had clear visions of each of these places but didn't feel like I was really there. Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn't.

I realized that I was where my mind drifted. This will help the next time I am looking for my partner when we project together.

The interesting part was when I found myself back in that forest area from the previous post. I didn't want to be there. So I came back. I hit the water area. Then to my left was the fires. The fire moved over the waters forming a beautiful lotus flower. The ideas flooded in.

I allowed this to happen again only to form a much smaller object which I set out like a thought-form do the magick I was going to do tonight anyway. I realized this was a magickal formula that was quite easy for me to use. Next time, I will deliberately call fire and water and mix in this way.

In the working, I focused on Air. I encountered fire and water. The letters that represent these mother elements are Aleph (air), Shin (fire) and Mem (water). Put them together and one has Asheem. The angels of the sephiro Yesod, which i called as I began.

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Pallas Renatus said...

"I could feel the mailbox within my astral form. It was too solid."

Ick dude, just imagining that makes me uncomfortable. Concrete is so... thick. Bleh.