Monday, November 8, 2010

Feelings in Magick / Something Larger

After a recent post, Wolf complimented one post while pointing out a post a lot about my feelings and/or my back issues. Which, I assume is not good in his opinion.

Magicians must reconcile the whole. All. Everything. Everything. The given theory on the tree of life is that the tree is a microcosmic and macrocosmic map. If one's personal tree is in perfect alignment, it may...

I grew up suppressing feelings. Hiding. I hid everything I felt from everyone. I created false emotional walls. Why? I don't know. I just did. Eventually, I had a very small emotional tool kit. I'm rediscovering many of those. I have posted before that I have walked around with a smile on my face for no reason and how amazed I was by that. They have a word for that. It is called growth. Growth toward balance.

These things are as crucial to the spiritual advancement of a magician as the spell work, astral visions/travel, initiations, everything.

A theory holds that we have a physical body, an intellectual body, an emotional body and a spiritual body. Neglect one of them at your peril.

This is why I am focusing on accepting my abilities. It sounds like odd emotional angst. However, this is just one more act of reconciliation.

Modern Theme In Magick

I quote Jason in his post:

Gordon wrote an excellent piece about his own emerging interest in Christianity that mentioned not only the fact that it can be terrifying, but that the reason for at least part of that terror is the element of surrender in Christianity. As Gordon notes in the post: "A magical worldview leans more toward taking charge and doing things yourself".

This is especially true of modern magic. In fact, the focus on the self has been the overall theme of most of the Magical, New Age, Self-help, and Spiritual movements of the last 150 years. Even when people get involved in traditional eastern religions like Buddhism, they often misinterpret it as being all about self-discovery and self-actualization. We ask ourselves questions like: What do
I want to be? What are my goals? What should I do with my life?

In the orgy of self focus it is easy to loose sight of anything larger than our own ego.

Yes, he is correct. Those that do not know why they are focusing on the self get lost.

In a beginning mode, one can focus on the self. Purify. Purify. Purify. So, you get rid of crap that interferes with your life, crap that interferes with your awareness, crap that interferes with your relationships. Yup, getting over yourself and repairing that relationship with your family that was destroyed when you were a twenty year old druggie sure is selfish.

So, once you line you line yourself up properly, what do you think happens? Could it be that you gain sight of that which is larger than your own ego?


Pallas Renatus said...

I'm not sure what Wolf was aiming for with his comment, but you have seemed to develop a habit of withholding some of the more... visceral details in your more recent posts. By that I mean the focus has shifted away from describing physical ritual or astral visions.

This isn't a bad thing at all (this is your blog detailing your development, after all)... unless you happen to like reading detailed accounts of others' astral adventures =)

Either way, I'm greatly enjoying your last several posts, as the issues you point out are things I have and continue to struggle with. Gives one hope, as they say.

PhoenixAngel said...

Thank You Frater Robert for this post. It almost felt like a slap to my face or a good shaking. Just what I needed to wake up.

Word verification: falin

Rose Weaver said...

Thank you for this post! I agree fully with your sentiments and have been reading along with your journey for quite some time. What you are doing, concentrating on various aspects of Self, is the same thing I'm doing at the moment for much the same reasons.

As you state, all aspects of Self must be in alignment, or as closely aligned as possible, if we desire success in our work, which is why I'm so focused on clearing the emotional baggage from my life at this time.

It's what must be done in order to grow and move forward.