Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Internet Class - Domestic Witch

Today, I noticed a post at the Domestic Witch. Apparently, she cut things a little close and was accused of plagiarism. She didn't get defensive. She didn't lie. She didn't duck. She copped to it. Sure she said she didn't do it on purpose. I believe her because she used no wiggle words.

The post that drew this to her attention came form the famous Pagan Soccer Mom. She also demonstrated class by not accusing anyone directly. She just mentioned how it has happened so many times before and how she felt about the situation.

I am confident the Domestic Witch will not do this again. Drama over.  Simple. No where was heard the threat of a retaliatory spell. I'm sure the Domestic Witch didn't make a dime. I suppose Soccer Mom may have lost a dime, maybe, possibly but I doubt it. She's the queen of popular witch blogging as far as I can tell.

This is significantly different then the situation with Jason and RO where their books were found printed out for sale at some pagan event by someone definitely trying to rip them off. This is either direct proof of the person's disbelief in magick or proof of stupidity. I'm talking super nova type stupid. I'm talking qasar stupid, galactically stupid. Frankly, ripping off RO is dumb enough. With no slight to RO, Jason has a TON of experience with the type of magick necessary to deal with a jerk like this. This guy messed with BOTH of them? He may have become the next black hole.

I may blog later on something else. I just want to give props to the Domestic Witch. Anyone can do something not so good once in a while. She didn't run. She didn't hide. That is respectable. 


Serenity Athenina said...

What you wrote is so nice! Thank you. However, I decided to even take it a step further. I have changed the blog name to The Domestic Pagan and it can now be found at

Diana said...

Props to both parties for handling the situation in a classy way. As someone who finds my Llewellyn submissions all over the net on a regular basis - as well as a website I used to run (Medea's Chariot) all over the place, it is frustrating.

I have two comments, one in praise, and the other a mini-rant.

There are a lot of people who believe apologizing or admitting wrongdoing makes them weak. In fact, it demonstrates strength and flexibility. I admire this. People capable of changing their minds and behavior are generally the people of real integrity.

For me, yes, the plagiarism annoys. And there are methods for sharing/pointing to content elsewhere that makes linking, pointing and quoting super easy. (Hopefully tumblr catches up with other blog platorms on this count

But what really frustrates me is the people who copy wholesale instead of using my work as a launching point for their own creative energy. If you want to deepen the Pagan movement, you have to contribute, and a lot of people still just steal, which is frustrating in its shallowness.

Yay for sorting this out in a classy way!

Pallas Renatus said...

This is awesome to see. It honestly boggles my mind why people have so much trouble with a "Really? Well shit, sorry!" rather than getting defensive and making a huge deal out of it.