Saturday, November 13, 2010


On December 7, 2009, I did some thought form work using the two of pentacles as a focus. The goal was to pay off my car early. I had the financial resources. There was no reason not to do this. I simply hadn't made the basic efforts. I hadn't exercised the discipline. The following simple thoughts grew out of that ritual: make extra payments and use your tax refund. I assumed a normal tax refund and calculated how much additional money I'd need to pay off the loan. The bulk of the extra payments were made in May and June. All I really needed was two very disciplined months and one or two mildly disciplined months.

The long term discipline came in staying out of debt until the tax refund arrived. I have always been very disciplined about staying out of large debts but I'd lose that ability once a year and end up paying for that lapse with the tax refund. So far this year, that didn't happen. Not only am I on track for paying off the car two to two and a half  years early. I am on track for not using the entire refund to do it.

This magick was subtle. How many times did I say, "I really don't need that?" I am sure it was many but never once did I think it was the result of that magick. The debt snowball never happened. Lacking a dramatic turning point, I can not point to a time and say that was a crucial moment when the magick worked. However, I am exactly where I planned to be and it is a place I never managed to be before.

This act of magick was based on a thought form. That form was 'energized' by a tarot card. That energy came form a deep understanding of the card that passes beyond the intellectual. That understanding came from my knowledge of the qabala and from doing Enochian magick using the Tablet of Union. I mention this as from time to time I am asked how the qabala translates to the realm of practicual magick.

The qabala is a map of the entire universe. Everything that humans can experience, the theory goes, can be placed on the tree. Once you know the Tree of Life that well and the associations with deity name and symbol sets become real, the knowledge easily lends itself to practical magickal work.

Tarot Readings

I am now offering tarot readings via phone or Skype. Rates are $20 per 15 minute session. I am usually available for appointments Monday thru Thursday from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM PST. I will not schedule readings later than that because fatigue does not help to produce good readings. However, if you catch me on an evening when I'm feeling particularly chipper, you may talk me into it. I am also available for weekend appointments when I am not traveling. Please click on the email button on the page, this link or leave a comment asking for a reading.. If you leave your email address in the comment, I will contact you. I will not publish such comments.


anna said...

Good luck with your readings. Which deck do you use?

Robert said...

I use the thoth deck primarily.