Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This is what happens when you ask Raphael to 'take you someplace'

1:39 AM

I dreamed I was with a bearded older professor. I ate with him and one other personn in a restaurant. It was our first meeting.

He took me to a very rich place or home. There were three people there. These were magick users. I remember thinking that these were untrained non-GD people but they were very very good. Suddenly, we were in some sort of ritual. Apollo arrived pulled on a chariot. There was a dog there was in a position to have pulled the chariot. I kneeled while asking if it was okay to kneel before him and his dog. he said yes.

I didn't think I was nervous at all but Linda from work leaned over form a bench she was sitting on tried to get my attention. She couldn't 'wake me' even though I was awake. So, she knelt beside me. Apollo said that it was Hubris to accuse someone and not bring him. Linda tried to speak and all I wanted to do was agree with apollo. Eventually, I was able to do that and Apollo withdrew.

I am back in a restaurant with the professor and my father. I very humbly and gratefully thank the professor and tell him that because of him, I spend time with an entirely different type of people. I feel the people are intellectually superior, wiser and just plane better than whomever I was comparing them too. With deference and humility, he accepted the compliment with a humble nod. My father was there and demanded water. He needed as he was diabetic and for whatever reason needed it that instant. I gave him the water from a vase on the table and filled his glass twice. He finished and kicked his artificial leg high in the air twice complaining or explaining how the new legs are most uncomfortable.

On the way home, he wanted to ask the professor a question but we were forced into separate cars for some reason.. For reasons unexplained I was a on a wierd stretch of road that in my blurry eyed waking state I want to say that it was in the shape of a W (shin?). At some point, I made a wrong turn and wound up on a freeway going south when I needed to go north. I old me dad and he asked why I did that.

I exited and found a spot to turn around. As I did, I lost control of the car and slide hard into a grape field. There was a family there eating in their house. Looking out the window, they saw what I did. Someone came running out of the house first. The woman that followed her said something like "Oh Athena, those grapes were so nice and you hand girdled them." I'm not sure I directly recall them using that name but I know they used a name and it really seems right as I type.

Athena was pissed. As I opened my door to apologize and tell her I had insurance, she reached in the car, over me and stabbed my father in the leg with a potato peeler. She did this twice. As I was trying to shut the car door and get out of there, I awoke to see an eight foot tall Psychic standing over my bed. Her arms were spread wide like an image of Christ giving a blessing.

Back to bed for me. No, I will not proofread this. I just hope it makes sense tomorrow.

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Pallas Renatus said...

None at all. But in an awesome way, I promise :)