Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am a Blogging Machine! Jack Faust

It would appear that today is my day to blog. I literally have three more half-written posts. I think this is my third published blog of the day. I haven't written this much here in a day in quite a while. The latest thing to spark my interest is this:

...Location and early magick: I agree that the two seem to be linked in some way. I think we isolate our early aesthetic needs – in terms of ritual – based on what we do, and where we do it, early on. And that the two continue to be tied later, but often unconsidered as elements relating to each other.

It is from the comment section to this post from Jack Faust's website, which I've recently added to the blogs I follow list. I'm not sure why Jack has a blogger blog and a website blog. You'll have to ask him. 

So, location and magick. I don't  have much experience with this as you can see from the bullet points below:
  • I started doing magick in my home many years ago as I was afraid of being known for doing magick.
  • I became a neophyte Alexandrian 'witch'. Witch is in quotes because I was never a good witch. We practiced indoors most of the time. Further, despite beating people up for not willing to do skyclad rites, we did few. I'm still called to skyclad rites but there are not many others I know that are.
  • I have a perfectly acceptable temple space in my home that is well used and glows with light. Why go anywhere else?
  • I have a little spot in my back yard consecrated by John Michael Greer and the former My Gal. Being in ritual with Greer is like being in ritual with Moses.  Why go anywhere else?
Why? Because that is where the magick is! My magick may be in a nice secure temple room. However, I have tromped around forests and met spirit loci. It was fun. I liked it. I fail to see what I shouldn't do more of that.  Of course there is the my old conundrum, do what? Frankly, I have what I need in life, a good job, good friends, long term security in retirement (probably), a house. I'm pretty high up on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

I do not have a sick cow that needs healing. I don't have a weevil infested wheat field to deal with. Aliens are not making 'crop circles' in my weed choked front yard.

It may be good to learn about the spirits of buildings like Jack has done (see website). This may help in the future if I am ever called to exorcise a building, I suppose. I may be able to understand a given industry if I poke around its oldest haunt in town. There are learning opportunities out there. Learning the occult from various aspects is something I want to do. I know what I know but I know there is much more.

The Helpful Deity may be interesting to call from the city, country and parks. Hermes may be as well. Neither takes any ritual gear at all. Maybe learning to project from a park may be of use. It may certainly be more interesting that running along a suburban street. Now that is an idea. Learning to do things from anywhere can't be too much of a bad thing. I seem to be on a roll in that area right now.

So, will I do such things? It seems like ideas I'd want to put in practice but never actually do. We'll see. I posted manly for those folks that will do those things or never thought of it. If this appeals to you, read Jack's work. This is his line of work more than mine.

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Jack Faust said...

Why two blogs? I don't know. I guess I just can't bring myself to shut down the dorky looking blogger blog, so I just converted it into a place where I write about things and the writing takes less than 20 min. Anything over 20 min. goes on the site. *shrugs* I also don't mind discussing comic books, books I've enjoyed, and movies I like there - as opposed to the blog devoted to nothing but "the magick."

All of that aside: you've got a unique and great setup. I don't really think roaming Fresno will help you get what's left on your list of desires, either. Unless seeing for the simple fact of seeing is worth it to you - there aren't a lot of hefty investments.

I was hoping to aim my comments more at those who haven't set up "firm" practices yet, and feel like space - or the lack thereof - is a major issue. Heading out into the city, or the foot-hills, or whatever - can be a great way to overcome that problem, in my mind.

Of course: I also think that getting out once a year and doing something in the open is also necessary to everyone.