Sunday, November 28, 2010

Couch Lessons

This week The Psychic came for a visit. This is a little like eating dinner with Radar O'Reilly. She just knows things. Naturally, I stayed on the couch for a couple of nights. She left me with some lessons.

  • Trust them/trust yourself -- I call spirits. I have relationships with them. Trust what they say. Trust what you see. The spirits the come to me are not unruly anymore. Some of  them never where.
  • Open Up -- This one followed on the heals of the first. We dropped by the local occult shop to see if she felt what I felt there. Suddenly, I thought why am I asking her? Just open up. I felt something different in each of the four rooms. She experienced the same as I. I did the same thing this morning in a restaurant and found a happy little spirit in the banquet area that just loves the energy of those meeting for a shared purpose. He was a friendly little guy.
  • She also pointed out that the LBRP angels are resident in my temple room. Color me shocked. Then she said that Michael wants to have a chat with me. So, I popped in. Chat? Michael issued some orders.  I wrote them down. He then asked for a promise that I'd follow those orders. I couldn't. One of them is something that I haven't been able to complete successfully in the past. I simply told him that I would not promise him anything I wasn't sure I could deliver but I would make an effort.(There is much more about this in the next post.)
 Yes, I know I've heard those words before. Sometimes  it his how or when they are said that makes them stick.

A friend and reader of this space saw this post about the Psychic and scheduled this reading. His line was, "Robert is very critical. If he recommended you, I knew you had to be good." She was. He told me it was well worth the money as well.

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