Friday, November 14, 2008

Caput Draconis

This is another lunar aspected geomantic figure. Caput Draconis is the head of the dragon.

As I entered the space, there was nothing. I vibrated the first god name. I felt and I mean felt the ground tremble as a gigantic foot landed between me and the exit. I continued with the rest of the names with this quite imposing beast behind me. The foot was attached to a dinosaur. After a moment of WTF?, I did something unusual. Instead of taking this literally, I realized the dinosaur was a metaphor for the primal, beginnings. The beast walked away. As he did, I realized the dangerous nature of beginnings. They are raw, primal, untested bursts of energy.

I asked about where this is happening in my life to know one in particular as I was once against told I was my own guide. I thought of my new job as supervisor. Technically, I am still in the position only temporarily. I thought of the Enochian work I've been doing.

I asked what do I needed to learn about this. I saw the three lower dots. Beginnings are narrow. You must act and move forward but the path does not allow for much leeway. That only opens up once you're established. I've known that before. Tonight made it more real.

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yuzuru said...

in vedic astrology, caput and cauda are a dragon/demon which was killed by the vedas.
But as the beast had alredy turned immortal, both the head and the body continue to live, in immortal hunger. They follow the sun and the moon, their enemies, trying to swallow them (eclipses).
Caput draconis is positive in western astrology, but in vedic astrology it means materialism and ambition without limits

Anonymous said...

The narrow door of the beginnings. Hmm.

I never have much luck with skrying, but I might try again after reading this account.

Dave Gray, in his book Gamestorming (which I recommend as a kind of business magic), says that a game is very much a three-fold process: opening a world, playing in the world, and then closing the world as the range of assumptions built into the opening them gradually become more narrow. I'm paraphrasing, but that's the nature of the work. Skrying seems to be like that.

I haven't read what you've said about Enochian magic yet, but it seems to me that all that code work must be very similar — opening the world of Enochian assumptions, working within them until the possibilities narrow, and then closing out.

thanks for helping me see how my design work can connect to my magical work on another level.