Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ensigns of Creation

Here are the ensigns of creation for our Enochian work. Keep in mind, these are supposed to be blue and red on purified tin. These are simply photocopies onto silver art paper glued to tin. We could spent a lot of time making tools and never get to the Work. So, some things we are doing quick and easy with the intent of coming back and doing them better latter. Other things we took our time with.

My HGA once advised me to clothe myself in red and blue. As a literalist, I thought I'd have to dress that way. Then, I removed the bone from my head and figured it was meant, well, figuratively. Since embarking on this project, I've encountered red and blue in the following ways.

The Enochian table of practice is covered in red silk. My tarot readings are performed on a blue cloth. One night, I did a tarot reading on the table and was stunned by the beauty.

The other day I said I could see all sorts of geometric shapes in other people's auras from just thinking about them. When I did this to myself, I was stunned to see a blue head with a red body.

In reading research material on Enochian not in Lon's book, we discovered many things should be created in red and blue.

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GM said...

where do you even find pieces/sheets of tin like this?