Thursday, November 13, 2008

Skrying Via

Tonight, I chose Via as a focus. This is another geomantic figure associated with the moon. When I entered, I found myself in darkness again. Against the blackness, stood dark gray metal scaffolding. A dull red glow, as if emitted from many welders, punctuated the scene. Smoke rolled through the area not unlike fog.

The four levels of scaffolding stood cold despite the welding hot spots. The four levels had obvious correspondences to the four worlds. Looking back, I should have paused at each level but no, I had to stand on top.

After vibrating the god name, the work-like feel to the place paused. Here is the potential of work. Work began again. At the archangel name, nothing much changed. At the choir name, a pentagram appeared before me. He gave me a name. Once again, the gemantria proved it useless. I asked the form if it was a pent of spirit and the top point flashed white. I asked if it was a pent of air and a loud nothing occurred.

I then heard that via appears in my life through my own work at the Work but often that work is for its own sake. That I'd do better to learn Populas, Cauda Draconis and Caput Draconis.

This was a longer meditation than this post makes it appear. My meditations\skrying have been much better focused of late. I feel more of that astral feeling than ever before. I feel like I am THAT close to having my body vibrate and to be free of it. Maybe that is because it is so close to Hallows.

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