Monday, November 24, 2008

Odd Meditation

Last night, I felt the call to the temple.

I entered. I sat. I felt a wave of energy from the east wall. I meditated on that energy. I was rewarded with a pleasant guide voice telling me to feel. Feel the energy emotionally. I did. I remember many water images, rivers, streams, water flowing into caves, down caves that reached to depths unimaginable. I moved along each flow. I felt like I was entering myself more deeply and literally opened several triangular doors to become more intuitive. After one particularly long drop, down some subterranean cave, I thought I would connect to the macrocosm. Instead, I found myself in malkuth.

I felt the flow and flew up past four kerubs as a displayed a particular tool. I flew up and encountered an elephant forming out of a purple cloud, Yesod. I displayed yet another tool.

At other times, I could see the lightening of the path of Shin and the storm of the path of Pisces.

The meditation was deep but it may have been mere fantasy. I've noticed no effects since.

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