Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sigillum News

We are just about finished with the Sigillum Dei Aemeth. Carving wax isn't as easy as printing out a sigillum and gluing it to a board. I am all for Lon's "Dare to be Lazy" mantra, which I am sure he used to get people to do something. For a working magician, a little more effort is necessary. This tool began as large lumps of raw beeswax. My gal metaled them into a cooking tin. We copied to size the Sigillum from Lon's book and placed this over our wax disc. Then we poked through the copy with pins leaving us with a large game of connect the dots. Some portions are not pretty as we are amateur wax carvers. But the construction was well worth the effort. As I am nearing completion, I am having a very difficult time. The Sigillum has come alive. The force field it projects is palpable. This makes leaning over it to carve a very unique experience. It is uncomfortable. However, I will not doubt that this tool carries its own punch. Consecration is simply not necessary. Wow. I still feel that my head is in a different place after ten minutes out of its field. I only have the tiny lettering around the pentagram to go. I don't really want to stand over that thing right now but I will. Magicians must face discomfort if they are going to make any progress at all.

I noticed something else. If you place the Sigillum proper side up, the first letter number combination is 4 over T - 4/T - 4T. Say that slowly. Forty. Forty days and forty nights. Completion inferred from the beginning.

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