Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday, I wrote about rediscovering a technique in a pile of old notes. I gave it a try in combination with skrying the tattwas earth of earth. The technique was not hard and I did feel as if I was in a slightly different head space than when I normally skry.

The tattwas looked more three dimensional than they usually do. When I entered, I found the suggestion of a landscape but everything was very dark. This is like walking through your living room with the lights off and being able to see the shape of the couch before you and realizing what color you would be seeing, if there was any light. I traveled directly north.

I always do that when I skry. I simply move forward. Why have I never turned left or right immediately upon entering?

That aside, I quickly found myself before a small but very blue creek. On the other side was a bull. I gave him the sign of earth. He did nothing but I realized, "He's a bull. How is going to return that?" I vibrated the names at him. He didn't moo, nor did he move. I asked if I could show him a symbol of light. He nodded. I did. He became agitated, pawing at the ground. He made several swipes with his foot and it gouged the earth like a plow.

I briefly thought that a fertility symbol but his anger attitude relieved me of that notion. The animal was snorting, shaking his head and generally being very aggressive but not directly at me. Regardless, I began to slowly move back. I was back some distance when his face appeared suddenly before me. Fortunately, I was next to the door and simply exited.

I am not sure if this occurred because of the technique or because I did it backwards. There were two choices, I picked one Next time, I will do it the other way.

In other news, we worked on our Enochian Holy Table today. It is coming along nicely. I do not think it is as nice as the Tablet of Nalvage but that is all right.


Lavanah said...

Interesting. My first thought was: what was the shape of the pawed marks in the ground that the bull made after you gave him the signs?

Frater BH said...

one straight line. He went over it several times. It was one gouge repeated, not several lines