Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why Write it Down?

I have a habit of writing things electronically. In my early years, I peppered any mentor-like person with a 1,000 questions. I am sure this drove them to drink.

With my current mentor, I sent him a note on every LBRP, every BRH, every skrying session, everything. I think at one point, he claimed to have 3,000+ emails from me saved. Yes, the man is patient. Part of that was my Leo need to express myself. Part of that was the discipline to record my activities. Naturally, most of my emails did not receive a response. I'd be willing to guess that much of them went unread. However, many of them were read and not a few commented upon either privately or via return email.

Today, I've been cleaning out my office. I am not the world's neatest human being. There wasn't a year's with of take out food bags laying around or anything like that. Just way too much clutter covered in way too much dust. My desk area is now dusted and neat. Though, it clutters up again as I move from this corner to the next and clean out useless junk.

In so doing, I came across a paper bag filled with magickal notes and binders that I was too lazy to file. In going through the bag, the first thing I found was a response to an email I had written my mentor in February 2007. His response was very complimentary as I had revealed my intuitive discovery of what he considers to be a hidden technique of magick. Or, at least, it is hidden by the system I am a part of until one gains a certain skill. These 'discoveries' look plainly obvious in retrospect but I digress.

Imagine my chagrin to realize that the my excitement at the discover came to naught. I had completely forgotten. Apparently, I was ready to know but not ready to experiment. Well, now is thet time. My rediscovery of the email likely says I am ready to give it a go.

I will likely post about my experiments but I may have to be vague about the technique in question. After all, others that work the same system I do are likely reading this. No point in spoiling their fun.

So, write it down and, every once in a while, go through those old notes. Some of that paper, may be gold.

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