Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Skrying Populus

Given the HUGE moon tonight, I decided to skry the geomantic figure Populus. Populus is associated with the moon.

At first, I saw nothing. I exited and entered the realm again. Darkness. Yet in the darkness I felt impinged upon. I asked for a guide, "You are your own guide." I have heard that a lot lately. I did not like this darkness. Slowly, I tried to make sense of what I was feeling because I certainly wasn't seeing anything. Thoughts of teenage school yard clicks came to mind. Then the idea of a lack of will. People moving with the crowd have no sense of individuality. They have a vague idea of their own but it is so irrelevant that they can't take a step toward any sympathy for another's emotions. This is why so many horrible things happen in big cities. This is why so much petty small things happen in big cities. This is why high school clicks can be so mean. In a crowd, we actually get removed from others.

The function of Populus is to coalesce. It brings like together. This thought led to asking about my time in Wicca. I heard that I refused to coalesce with what was forming but also that their was willed interference in that process by one individual. That individual feared the change that I represented. That individual does not hold such fear now.

I asked what my mistakes were. I heard that I did not respond to other people's emotional needs. That it is possible to reject that which is false and still respond to the emotional needs of others. Also, that despite the view OBVIOUS to others, I left too soon. There was unfinished work and that results in much of my conflict now.

I continued with Populus. Trying to further understand the nature of the place. I saw a flash of light blue. Then, eventually, a very odd figure. I am pretty sure the spirit was a he. He was gray with what appeared to be a skin tight camouflage pattern of black angular stripes. These stripes were on his face as well. The hair, wild. I asked what he was, "A spirit of the moon." "Do you have my best interest at heart?" "No, my own" "Thank you for being honest." I placed a banner of light between he and I. He withstood it but said it was too bright. I told him I was about to use god names. He was okay with that. He withstood them. Yet, I could not hold a discussion with him. Eventually, I asked him to go. I checked the gemantria of his name (Tau-Samekh-Tau-Alef). There is no lunar correspondence.

I then looked left and saw the symbol for Cauda Draconis. To the right was the symbol for Caput Draconis. Behind me was yet another geomantic figure of the moon, via. I was shown two ways to use Via and Populus in conjunction. One way allowed for leadership and another to hide in the crowd.

For those that have not looked at geomancy before. You can find the figures here.

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WitchDoctorJoe said...

Great post, like your work with Geomantic figures.

Your discriotion of the spirit sounds like a hayoka, a sacred clown.

also like the use to hide in a crowd.

Vir fortunae lucisque said...

Hmm...I think it's also pertinent to note the Latin meanings here as a way to glean even more insight from the powerful nature of these figures. For example, "Populus" means "People," "Cauda Draconis" is "Dragon's Tail," I wonder what the implication of "Tristitia" is? (Sadness, in english).

Anonymous said...

There are traditional colors associated with the geomantic figures, and your visitors' colors weren't the ones associated with Populus, which are more greens and browns. The black stripes are really odd, and the blue is associated with other figures in the set of Geomancy.

Greer warned in his books about Geomancy to be cautious about dealing with spirits in scrying that wear or are colors other than the related ones for the figure... they're often in the wrong realms, and intend to mislead.

Nice to find your blog, and to be able to do some reading from someone else working with this stuff. I'll comment as I can...

Robert said...

Interesting. If I get back to Geomancy, I will have to reread John Michael's material.