Thursday, November 20, 2008

Caude Draconis - The Full Cycle

Tonight began with a little work on the Enochian ensigns of creation but I quickly realized that I needed a compass. Since I couldn't locate the proper tool for the job, I suspended the activity. I popped open another Terry Prachett book as I've been a voracious reader of fiction again, after quite some time off. Soon, I felt the call. My scalp tingled. Off I went to the temple to scry.

I did a very nice LBRP, BRH and MP x 3 and scried Cauda Draconis.

My first impression was of chaos, fear and depression. I saw lurid reds and purples swirling about. I do not know if I saw, sensed or simply understood through intuition but I suddenly saw purpose in destruction. There is actually much more freedom in destruction than in beginning. Yet, beginnings excite us and we fear collapse. What odd creatures humans are! In the midst of destruction, there is a quiet place, a void. Peaceful Potential. I enjoyed the silence.

As time past, I saw the Thoth Universe card. But no, it wasn't the entire card. I only saw the stylized ram's head normally hidden behind the dancer. There was no dancer, no kerubs just the boarders of the card and the ram's head, Aries.

I tried to enter the card but it eluded me. I was told I wasn't ready to pass through two doors at once but I should contemplate why I could see the Universe from Cauda Draconis. Fascniating. Cauda Draconis is an ending, destructive. Aries is a cosmic beginning. Spring time. Birth.

In this cycle of meditations, I've been exposed to the whims of Populus, an extraordinary lack of will. The hard work of Via that allows one to move away from the crowd -- a training ground for Will of a higher order. I've seen how exciting yet restrictive beginnings are. And how terrifying and freeing destruction can be.


I've never liked geomancy much. I think I may change my mind, after I finish scrying all the figures.

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