Saturday, November 22, 2008

Public Scrying - Fire of Water

I found myself in Barnes and Noble with nothing much to do.

So, I found a hard chair and scried the tattwas of fire of water just to see if I could. The visualization was simple. I easily entered the space.

I found myself in the midst of a large stream of rapidly moving water. How is this fire of water? Fire is the force that propels the direction of the water. What? You thought it was gravity? Well, if the water gained direction from fire, just where was fire? Upstream. I followed the stream to its source, a cave in a mountain side. In that cave was a golden pyramid. This is an emotional base for that particular stream. Gold = Tipereth. Yet, gold is also a nice disguise for the ego. In this case, this is the part of me that wants to be understood! How arrogant. Who really understand another anyway? What is the point of having my point of view understood at all? How many arguments have started simply because I wanted to be understood? Bah!

So, how do I change the fire of my water? Change the motivation/desire (fire) of water. To what? How about a desire to display light? A desire to display a real spiritual life so that other seekers whom may not even know they seek can see it is even possible? No one can repeat my way. Nor, can I tell another his or her way but perhaps the desire to share what little I have is a healthier emotion? Or, is that just another form of arrogance?

The pyramid turned bright pure white. I focussed on it for sometime. Only once did my surroundings disturb me. A woman with very loud high heels walked nearby and sat at a table near me. Aside from that, nada. Frankly, I am pretty impressed that I could do that in that location with about the same clarity as in my temple space.

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