Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lotus and Double-Wood

Today, I did indeed take the lotus image to work. Today, I prayed when I glimpsed the image, which was often. Today, I gave my unruly side to my HGA via the lotus for his use. Altogether, my work day was very busy but pleasant. Though, I did demand some double-wood scotch as payment for services rendered. I figured if asking for a cookie worked so well, I may has well set my sites on the good stuff.

I think there is much more to this white lotus thing that at first meets the eye. I made a decision about a topic that I can not discuss here due to previous oaths.

Over the last couple of days, I have burned incense as an offering to the gods in general. On both occasions, I have thanked lighter, flame, candle, charcoal, incense and the ability to obtain these things during the process. I have found this to be relaxing.

I sanded my earth pentacle today. The wood feels much smoother. Progress is being made.

As I type this, I can feel someone angry with me. Whom and over what I am not quite sure. I do not think it is a member of my household as it feels like an old grudge. It is my sincere hope the person feels better soon.

I feel different somehow. I am experiencing some sort of spiritual/emotional state that I am unfamiliar with. I think I am experiencing some level of peace without having fully let go of war and the conflict within. Fascinating. I think my general dislike for my fellow man is easing and moving into more 'like' and compassion. This would be a good thing.

White lotus. White lotus. What will you bring?

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